Monday, January 9, 2012

Animal House: The Dangers of Animal Hoarding

By Christopher D’Arpino
In recent weeks there have been more and more headlines about people hoarding animals.
There are even television shows dedicated to the worst of domestic hoarding.  The benefit of television is that after the shock and awe of how terrible the conditions are, after a few commercials we see the happy ending where all the animals get saved and the house gets cleaned up. 
If only this was the norm. 
The reality that reality T.V. doesn’t show us is that in order for a person to gather that many animals and for the situation to get that bad, it takes years.
Generally these cases start with local officials getting involved and having to spend a tremendous amount of time and energy collecting evidence, writing reports, going to hearings before any real action can be taken. 
In one case a few years ago, the hoard was so bad that the neighbors had been complaining for two years and ultimately when the animals were removed the house had to be destroyed as it was so filled with feces that there was no way to make it habitable again..."  More

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