Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Josephine County Budget Axe Falls

By Ron Brown

MERLIN, Ore. -- Now that the last federal timber payment has been received by Josephine County, the budget axe is beginning to fall.

This week, staff at the Josephine County Animal Shelter learned that Animal Control Manager Brad Tally is being laid-off. He says he knew cuts were coming, but he and his staff did not expect the cuts would start at the top.

"As far as prosecuting large case, hoarding cases, that's all going to be gone. There's just not enough staff to do it and not enough knowledge to be able to handle those cases," said Tally.

Tally and his staff say they hope the shelter will be able to remain open in Merlin, but they are not sure. County Health Administrator Diane Hoover, whose agency oversees Animal Control and who ordered the cuts, says they should be able to run on reduced hours. Tally's last day is February 6th..."  Link

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Anonymous said...

Its ignorant the way money is dispersed in Jo county. Why do they really need that much money for the sherrifs dept.? GP has its own pd, and the second biggest city, cave junction isnt even patrolled on a regular basis. so why do they need all this money?