Friday, January 13, 2012

Animal Planet to Feature Local Pets

By Whitney Menogan

Animal Planet's new show "Confessions: Animal Hoarding" will feature a local Mississippian tonight who had taken in numerous dogs, cats and even 12 pet rats.

The owner felt as though they were rescuing the animals, but became overwhelmed with more than they could bear. Eventually, the owner surrendered the animals to Community Animal Rescue and Adoption here in Jackson.

"Confessions: Animal Hoarding" gives viewers a glimpse inside the lives of everyday people who obsessively hoard animals. Animal hoarders may hoard an excessive number of animals without anyone knowing. They feel they are protecting them by keeping them all together, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes, owners cannot care for all the animals they keep, and their pets do not get adequate amounts of the food, water and nourishment they need to survive. Many animal hoarders believe that they are rescuing animals and saving their lives, but they fail to realize that the conditions the animals are in might be far worse than before they were rescued. .."  More

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