Thursday, September 8, 2011

Warrant Served On Pittsburgh Woman Suspected Of Animal Hoarding

Investigators served a search warrant at a home in Pittsburgh's Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood on Wednesday after neighbors complained of animal hoarding.
Channel 11's Jodine Costanzo was there as police, building inspectors and Animal Friends officials visited the home on Hodgkiss Street.
Costanzo reported that the homeowner, 60-year-old Rosemary Anderson, was not home at the time; however, police raided the home to check for the animals. Investigators said they didn't find any cats inside of the house and think that most of them are roaming..."  More & video

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Rosemary C. Anderson said...

The neighbors are lying. I only have five cats and they are well-fed and healthy, and I am a registered colony caretaker for the tiny Hodgkiss Street Colony of five other cats--hardly the dozens mentioned. Both Channel 11 and Animal Friends owe me an apology, and someone needs to pay me for my broken front door. This isn't about cats--it's about the neighbors trying to grab the land under the building so the URA can put expensive new houses on it the way they did across the street. The URA is rich--I'll be happy to sell if they meet my price. The neighbors, Eric and Melissa Czapko, say they are "glad to be unAmerican" and he said "I got the FIX in--your house is coming down!" If so, this senior and disabled veteran with no family will be homeless. Is this really the best that Pittsburgh can do for its taxpayers??