Thursday, September 15, 2011

Animal Hoarding Keeps Humane Societies Busy

By Matt Wright

Some area humane societies are seeing a record number of animal hoarding cases.
The Sandusky County Humane Society has recovered more than forty animals each in three separate hoarding cases; so many, that it's struggling to care for all the animals. It's the highest number of cases it has ever seen.
Toledo area Humane Society Executive Director John Dinon said the Toledo Area Humane Society typically responds to between six and 12 cases of animal hoarding each year. It rescued more than twenty dogs from a Toledo trailer in July.
"We find some pretty appalling conditions. Generally the places are not very clean, the animals are not well cared for," Dinon said.
Though Dinon said he hasn't seen more cases than usual in Lucas County lately, he has seen more awareness about hoarding.
"Rather than people saying it's the crazy cat lady with 100 cats... now they say it's an animal hoarding case," Dinon said.
It's not illegal for people to have a lot of animals, but it becomes a problem when they can't properly care for them.
Sometimes breeders or people who think they're rescuing animals get in over their heads..."  More & video

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