Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jeffco releases arrest warrant in rabbit seizure

By Liz Navratil

An arrest warrant released today revealed new details about the "deplorable" conditions that prompted Jefferson County sheriff's deputies to seize 193 rabbits from an Arvada rancher.

The warrant says there were 75 percent more rabbits living in the home on West 75th Avenue than was acceptable and that some of the animals had "tacky gums," a sign of dehydration.

Sheriff's deputies also allege "many of the rabbits' coats are so severely matted that they cannot urinate or defacate without extreme difficulty" and that there were "unacceptably high ammonia levels caused by excessive urine."

The rabbits' owner, Debe Bell, has been charged with numerous counts of animal cruelty and is due to appear in court.."  More

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