Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Animal Hoarding House Wreaks Havoc on Neighbors

95 cats and two dogs were seized from a Great Falls home Tuesday afternoon, with officials calling the conditions of the home unsafe for a human-let alone an animal.

One of the cats inside the residence was found dead and as NewsChannel 5's Kacey Drescher reports neighbors have been suffering from this animal hoarding for quite some time.

It’s hard to describe the stench at 1121 7th Avenue Northwest but it’s was far from pleasant. Neighbors issued a letter to the property owner on September eighth complaining that the property was “filthy and reeked of cat urine.” Some said because of all the cats being cooped up in the trailer they were unable to use their own backyards and had issues with flies dating back to December.

“We would hang four to six fly strips in here every week and they would just be packed full,” says Bridgett Gardner. Gardner and her husband played a pivotal role in alerting law enforcement and lives next door to the home in question..."  More

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