Saturday, October 23, 2010

Whisker Connection assists in animal hoarding situation

By George Breithaupt

The efforts of a local feline advocate group, Whisker Connection, to assist in an animal hoarding situation in southern Ohio will be featured on an upcoming episode of Animal Planet.

Whisker Connection was contacted by a producer from the Animal Planet program “Confessions: Animal Hoarding.” They asked Whisker Connection for help with a hoarding case in southern Ohio involving more than 85 cats.

The local humane society and Animal Planet representatives initially removed about 20 cats from the house with the owner’s permission.

Ten of those 20 cats had to be euthanized for severe malnutrition and non-contagious illness.

“Animal Planet contacted us through our website,” said Tara Smith of Whisker Connections. “They contacted us about a hoarding situation in southern Ohio and wanted to see if there was any way we could provide any help with the cats. They don’t go running into the house and grab the cats and issue citations. They try to understand what’s causing the hoarding behavior and they have a team of psychologists and have people who come in and clean up the house. They were planning to go in and take a sampling of the cats. She had more than 85 cats in her house. To get a feel of what they were dealing with where they took the 20 cats to a local veterinarian to assess the health of the cats.”.." More

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