Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jose Rubio & Ana Ramos, Palo Alto, California

Oct 21, 2010: Animal-hoarding case resolved by plea bargain

by Sarah Trauben

Ana Ramos and Jose Rubio won't be able to keep any animals in their trailer home in Palo Alto for three years, according to a plea-bargain agreement reached this week.

The couple was arrested and charged with keeping than 40 dogs and cats in their trailer, was dropped in a plea bargain reached on Tuesday.

The terms of the plea bargain forbid the couple from adopting animals during a three-year probation period, according to Assistant City Attorney Don Larkin.

"Ramos and Rubio plead no contest to animal cruelty, and in exchange were given credit for time served as well as three years of probation during which time they cannot adopt, own, or have any contact with animals," Larkin said..." More

Jun 15, 2010: Palo Alto man arrested at fiancee's hearing on animal hoarding charges

By Jesse Dungan

A Palo Alto man was arrested Tuesday at a court hearing for his fiancee, who is facing multiple animal hoarding charges for allegedly housing 42 pets in a 30-foot trailer.

Authorities discovered 25 dogs and 17 cats on May 27 in the trailer belonging to Jose Rubio, 61, and Ana Ramos, 56. Rubio was arrested Tuesday morning for two counts of failure to care for animals and one count of mistreatment of confined animals, according to Senior Deputy City Attorney Donald Larkin. Rubio is also suspected of four municipal code violations: exceeding the maximum number of dogs and cats a resident is allowed to possess, and having more than one unaltered dog or cat.

Rubio's arrest came at a pretrial hearing for Ramos, who was arrested the day of the discovery after she allegedly pushed fecal matter onto an officer who attempted to enter the trailer after seeing the animals. Police came across the trailer while investigating a suspected hit-and-run, Larkin said. Ramos is being prosecuted for the same misdemeanors and municipal code violations Rubio was arrested for, as well as two counts of resisting or delaying or obstructing an officer.

Rubio was not arrested until Tuesday because authorities were still investigating the case, Larkin said..." More

Jun 3, 2010: Dozens of pets seized from Palo Alto woman

A Palo Alto woman faces possible animal cruelty charges after officials seized 42 injured and malnourished dogs and cats from her trailer home.

Officers doing a welfare check on the animals last week say they found feces all over the floor of the trailer and one water bowl for all the animals.

Many of the pets are still being treated, but all are expected to survive.

Palo Alto police Lt. Sandra Brown says municipal code only allows for three animals per home.

The owner, 56-year-old Ana Ramos, also allegedly pushed the officers to keep them from coming inside the trailer. She was arrested May 27 on suspicion of animal cruelty and committing battery on a police officer.

Santa Clara prosecutors say they haven't decided whether to charge Ramos. She's scheduled to appear in court Monday..." More

Jun 1, 2010: Police rescue animals crammed in Palo Alto trailer

Gennady Sheyner

More than 40 dogs and cats were seized from a Palo Alto trailer home last Thursday in what the police are calling one of the largest animal-rescue operations in the history of the local animal shelter.

Police said they found the animals in the trailer home of
Ana Ramos, a 56-year-old resident of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, during an investigation of a possible hit-and-run incident in the trailer park off El Camino Real. Officers noticed a strong animal stench and heard loud barking coming from several dogs within the trailer.

Police tried to get in to the building, but Ramos refused to let them in, police Lt. Sandra Brown said. When an animal-control officer arrived to investigate, Ramos allegedly pushed the officer and argued that she only owns eight dogs. The officer observed 12 dogs from the doorway, Brown said. The city's municipal code allows for a maximum of three dogs per household.

While holding two small dogs, Ramos allegedly resisted the officer's effort to take her into custody. Once she was restrained, police searched her 32-foot-long trailer home and found 25 dogs and 17 cats, including a group of cats crammed into a tiny bathroom.

The animal-control officer found only one box of food and a single water bowl in the trailer home, Brown said. Animal waste was scattered all over the floor, she said..."

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