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Charles & Diane O'Malley, Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue - Polk, Florida

Oct 11, 2010: 52 Dogs From Polk Sheriff's Seizure Turned Over To Rescue Group

Fifty-two dogs from Polk County's single largest animal seizure case have been turned over so far to an Orlando rescue for adoption.

Deputies seized about 260 dogs in late May from Charles and Diane O'Malley.

Last week, Polk County Judge Anne Kaylor concluded deputies were only justified in taking 26 dogs from the Polk City couple. However, the O'Malleys agreed to turn over all of their dogs to A New Beginning Pet Care & Rescue.

Debbie Bruno, a representative with the rescue, said efforts are going forward to get more of the dogs from Polk County Animal Control.

Aug 30, 2010: Care for Seized Animals Costly for County

By Jason Geary

The Polk County Sheriff's Office estimates it has cost $418,000 to care for 261 dogs seized from a Polk City couple.

And the cost keeps rising.

In late May, deputies took the dogs from Charles and Diane O'Malley, who own a nonprofit dog rescue organization, Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue.

One bull also was removed from the O'Malley property on Angus Road.

More than 90 days later, taxpayers continue to foot the bill while ownership of the dogs remains in limbo.

The O'Malleys and the Sheriff's Office are embroiled in legal wrangling over who should have custody of the dogs..." More

Polk inmates take care of seized animals

The Polk County Sheriff's Office confiscated more than 300 animals this week, and that's taking a sizable bite out of the animal control department's budget.

Sheriff Grady Judd has roughly doubled the number of inmates working at the facility to offset the financial impact from two huge seizures in a week. About two dozen Polk County jail inmates are now paying their debts to society by working around the clock to assist the animals.

Photo Gallery: Another large animal seizure

"They need to pay their debt to society," says Sheriff Judd. "They violated the law and they stole and they took things from society and now they're paying it back."

Cornelius Williams is one of the inmates.

"We water the dogs, feed the dogs, bathe the dogs... you know, when they have appointments, we take them back and forth to the vet," he says, explaining his responsibilities.

Williams doesn't get paid in cash, but says he is profiting from the experience, gaining confidence and a sense of responsibility...." More & video

Neighbors never saw neglect before 261 dogs seized

Officials say you had to see it for yourself to believe it; more than 260 dogs living in filth inside a Polk City home.

"The house wasn't fit for humans or dogs," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Chuck and Diane O'Malley were arrested Thursday and each charged with 261 counts of animal cruelty after officials seized 261 dogs from the couple's home.

Photo Gallery: Hundreds of dogs seized from Polk City home

The O'Malley's ran a non-profit dog rescue from their home called Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue. But the sheriff says it was the dogs that needed to be rescued from the supposed rescuers.

"Now quite frankly if they wanted to live there it's there business, but to subject those dogs to that environment was horrific."

Judd told reporters deputies had to wear masks before entering the home because the smell was so bad. Officials say most of the dogs were underweight, emaciated, had fleas and hookworms. One of the dogs also died during the seizure and 4 different officers were bit as they tried to remove the dogs according to the sheriff..." More & video

Two hundred plus dogs in poor health in Polk County

Polk County Detectives arrested a husband and wife on 261 counts of animal cruelty after finding neglected dogs infested with fleas and parasites, malnourished and in very poor health.

Animal Control Officers and Agricultural Crimes deputies responded to a home on Angus Road in Polk City and arrested Charles O'Malley and Diane O'Malley after discovering the animals on their property.

The investigation into the animal neglect claims began on Wednesday afternoon after Animal Control received an anonymous tip that Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue, Inc., had approximately 100 dogs that were being neglected.

An Animal Control supervisor found that there was not enough food or water present for the number of dogs she located on-scene and requested to see each of the dogs to ensure they were healthy. The Sheriff's Office says that at first the O’Malleys were cooperative and brought out 117 dogs, one-by-one, to be seen by Animal Control Officers and Agricultural Crimes deputies..." More & video

May 27, 2010: 261 dogs confiscated from Polk rescue organization

By Jose Pati Girona

Dog rescue groups are known as havens of safety, companionship and love for unwanted dogs.

But authorities said a local organization';s mission went awry and the dogs were found extremely underweight and with visible ribs, pelvic bones and vertebrae.

The Polk County Sheriff';s Office confiscated 261 dogs on Thursday from the home of Diane and husband Charles "Chuck" O';Malley, who ran the Mid-Florida Retriever Rescue out of their house, 15195 Angus Road, Polk City.

They were each charged with 261 counts of animal cruelty and are being held at Polk County Jail with bail set at more than $100,000 for each.

"These animals have been neglected, mistreated and were living in deplorable conditions." said Sheriff Grady Judd.

The sheriff';s office received an anonymous tip Wednesday afternoon that the O';Malleys had about 100 dogs that were being neglected..." More

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