Monday, October 11, 2010

Troy women face animal cruelty charges

By: Beth Wurtmann

BENNINGTON - Playful and affectionate, or suffering from a variety of illnesses, dozens of cats are now in the car of veterinarians, like the West Mountain Animal Hospital.

It's a far cry, authorities said, from how they were found on Friday night.

"When you really started looking you're like Holy mackerel, there's like layers of cats and some of them under the seats, one of them over the dashboard it amazing where these cats laid," said veterinarian Dr. Linda Morris.

Animal Control officers and police said more than 80 cats were packed into two cars parked near an Aldi store in Bennington. One kitten was found dead. Conditions were allegedly bleak.

"There was urine on the seats urine on the floor some cats were covered with feces and urine and stuff," Morris added...

...A News Channel 13 crew stopped by the Troy homes of both 54-year-old Regina Millard and 61-year-old Bertha Ryan, no one answered.

Both initially were given a citation but on Monday, the charge was upgraded to misdemeanor animal cruelty..." More

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