Saturday, October 23, 2010

St. Ursula student gains recognition for book about overcoming OCD

Bethany Hofstetter

Kathleen Dunn's green notebook is full of story ideas and her writings — now one of those stories is getting national attention.

Kathleen, 10, won the silver medal for children's book authors from the Military Writers Society of America for her book "The ABCs of OCD."

Kathleen, now a fifth-grader at St. Ursula School, wrote the book two years ago while she was working to overcome her obsessive compulsive disorder and dedicated the book to her army veteran grandfathers who both died the fall she finished her book.

"My one (grandfather) had OCD, and he always would check his tools and count steps and the berries he picked. He had OCD, and I was really close to him," Kathleen explains about why she dedicated the book to her grandfathers.

The book takes each letter of the alphabet and explains OCD or gives a positive message related to the disorder. "A is for always doing it again! B is for you can get better from your OCD!".." More

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