Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Neighbors say animal activist was hoarding cats


CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Animal control officers say they discovered a Cornelius house destroyed because of what they believe to be the mistreatment of dozens of cats.
However, those officials say they can't do anything about situation because by the time they were called, the woman renting the house had moved the cats.
Her neighbors called her the cat lady.
“Cats, I don’t like them but I see them everywhere, everywhere,” one neighbor tells NewsChannel 36.
“It smelled bad, the woman was never there, her mailbox would be piled full of mail, two three weeks at a time,” says another neighbor.
Neighbors say Jan Scere, who runs an animal rescue group in Cornelius, appeared to be renting the house just for the cats. She came by the property only at night, to feed them.
“It smelled like something dead over there,” says a third neighbor.
Animal control officers took pictures inside the house after volunteers with Scere's own organization called them for help..." More

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