Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valley sees big jump in number of animal hoarding cases

by: Corey Rangel

It's a sad and shocking statistic.

The Arizona Humane Society says they have seen the number
of animal hoarding cases soar 25 percent the past year.

Stacie DaBolt, Manager of Field Operations, said workers saw 280 cases in 2009.

“Fifty to 60 cats would be an average. Dogs it's probably 25 to 50,” said DaBolt.

She said most homes where they find the animals are covered in urine and feces, and the smell is embedded in the furniture and walls.

In her experience, DaBolt said most hoarders are women between the ages of 40 and 50 who live alone.

“Some major trauma has happened in their life which led them to start seeking out animals for the love and security they bring. Then, for some reason, whatever the conditions are, they just get overwhelmed and it gets out of hand for them,” said DaBolt.

In most cases, the living conditions are unhealthy for both the owner and the pets.

Many times, some of the animals do not survive because of health problems...." More