Saturday, January 23, 2010

Malnourished macaws rescued from condemned Colorado home

The Gabriel Foundation was contacted by the Pueblo Community Animal Shelter in Pueblo, CO on January 20, 2010, and asked to assist in the rescue of 40+ birds from a condemned home. It turned out to be one of the worst days in TGF's history.

Learn the horrendous details by reading the whole story as told by Gaye Thomasson, TGF Volunteer Coordinator and member of the rescue team. Share it with everyone you know.

Watch video of the story from CBS4 News in Denver (1/22/2010).

Read the story from The Pueblo Chieftain (1/21/2010).

Please make a donation for the Pueblo Flock NOW. We need your help more than ever before to give these birds a chance at a better life. Your donation can SAVE A LIFE.


On January 22, the Pueblo Flock of 42 birds (39 macaws and 3 cockatoos) were transported safely from the Pueblo Community Animal Shelter to The Gabriel Foundation headquarters in Denver. Special buildings were constructed in record time for them to be housed. The birds are getting settled into their new quarters with big, clean cages, fresh food, toys, medical attention and loving care.

We are blown away by the interest that has been shown in helping the Pueblo Flock. We are working tirelessly to get them settled. They will be available for sponsorship soon; and following quarantine and full evaluation, some may be available for foster or adoption. There are many other birds waiting to be sponsored or adopted right now, so please consider them if you are looking to help.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers and staff who have made this transition as seamless as possible. And, thank you to everyone who has shown such generosity to this special flock that has been through so much - please help whenever you can, this flock has a long road to recovery.