Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dogs seized from property near Kibler

A situation with caretakers who had more animals than they could handle led to the seizure of several dogs from property east of Kibler, the Sebastian County Humane Society said Monday.

Cruelty investigator Rebekah Trotter said the society got a call about the dogs last week, prompting them to check out the property Friday. She said the dogs had mange and other skin conditions, and probably are suffering from internal parasites as well. The elderly couple that had taken responsibility for the animals signed away the rights to them, she said, calling the case "not really cruelty."

"But they just weren't being taken care of very well, and it was mostly because people are really bad about dumping in the rural areas, and they would dump a bunch of dogs out there and this older couple felt bad for them and would feed them and it kind of got out of control," Trotter said..."