Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Animal Hoarding' Becoming A Big Problem

By: Angela Russell

The people that live inside so-called animal home say they are animal lovers who would never dream of hurting their four legged companions.

However, area SPCA officials are seeing an alarming trend in a behavior that therapists call animal hoarding.

The cases are piling up.

"Animal waste on the sinks, countertops and floor," said New Jersey SPCA Sgt. Jane Donohue when taking a walk through an animal infested home.

No matter how disgusting things get, animal hoarders can't stop.

"They feel everything they are doing is right, the horrible stench, they don't smell it," said Sgt. Donohue

Sgt. Jane Donohue says one animal hoarder's home left her struggling to breathe for days.

She also says her agency is seeing more of these cases.

"We get one or two a year but in the last two months, we've had five," said Donohue..."
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