Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aurora bird breeder receives deferred sentence


A bird breeder who had more than 100 parrots, macaws, conures and other animals seized from her home last year has gotten 35 of the animals back, following a deferred judgment by a local court.

In September 2009, the city’s Animal Care Division seized 111 birds from the Aurora home of
Lisa McManus, a bird breeder who had been featured on websites for several local and international aviary societies that specialize in parrots, macaws and other exotic birds. Animal Care Division spokesmen claimed that the animals were treated cruelly and forced to live in inhumane conditions.

A deferred judgement made by a city court in October mandated that McManus would be able to reclaim 35 birds of her choosing, as long as she followed specific conditions. According to the judgment, McManus had to buy clean cages and get rid of the soiled bedding, dead mice and other refuse that was found during initial inspections by Animal Care officers.

According to the terms of the judgement, Animal Care officers will also conduct monthly inspections of the property for one year to see that McManus complies with the conditions.

After failing inspections twice, city officials said McManus filled the terms of the judgement and reclaimed 35 of the original 111 birds. The rest of the animals were remitted to a local bird rescue shelter.

The October judgment also mandated that McManus pay about $12,000 in impound fees, vet bills and boarding of animal charges. McManus paid the fines, but in a restitution hearing held on Jan. 12, McManus was ordered to pay an additional $8,344, according to city spokeswoman Kathy Cable.

Lisa McManus’ husband, Alan McManus, was also charged in the animal cruelty case. According to Cable, Alan McManus plead guilty to “care of confined animals” charges. The case agains Lisa and Alan McManus will remain open for one year, and will be dismissed if the couple do not any incur any additional violations......" More

Cable said that the couple will not be able to breed birds during the next year, and they can have no more than the 35 birds they reclaimed from the city.