Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pickett’s Pride - Houston, Texas

Houston SPCA rescues over 100 animals from breeder in Alvin

The SPCA rescued over 100 dogs and other animals from a breeder in Alvin Thursday night after discovering they were living in deplorable conditions.

Officials said some of the dogs and puppies were already dead when they got there.

There were so many animals, a big rig was used to haul them back to the SPCA in Houston.

Many of the dogs, which included dachshunds, Chihuahuas, American bulldogs and Pomeranians, were malnourished, SPCA officials said.

"Some of the animals had water. Some did not have water. Some of the animals were thin. Some of them looked like they had been fed. But all around, the conditions were just really, really horrible," Meera Nandlal of the SPCA said.

There were also horses, ponies and guinea pigs on the property that were rescued.

The SPCA said the breeder was cooperative, and it was not yet known what charges, if any, would be filed..." Video

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