Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Updated: New show on Animal Hoarders

"...I’m a producer with England’s ITV Studios, and we are currently seeking participants for a new documentary-style series for Animal Planet. The show will examine the disorder of animal hoarding and profile the people and families affected by it. If you, a relative, friend, neighbor or loved one are dealing with a compulsive animal hoarding situation and are willing to share your story on camera, we would like to hear from you.

We do not want to showcase hoarders who are being intentionally abusive, but pet owners who know they need help. Potential storylines could include several scenarios, such as:

1) A compulsive animal hoarder who is now faced with an ultimatum (eviction, divorce, or having to give up some or all of their animals) because of their need to hoard animals.

2) Individuals who hoard animals as companions – just as some people hoard belongings – but who have just taken on more than they can financially or emotionally handle. The pet owners may not believe they have a problem or consider themselves a hoarder, but their family is concerned the animals are becoming a burden.

3) A person who may be a compulsive hoarder and, in addition, owns several animals, which have become their emotional lifeline as they have isolated themselves from friends and family.

4) A person who has what their family members and friends consider a unique or possibly eccentric relationship with their pet(s), which they believe could be a detriment to their loved one’s well-being.

Understandably, this can be a difficult topic for those afflicted with compulsive animal hoarding. Our hope is that by sharing the stories of willing participants, others suffering in silence will realize they are not alone. If you would like to find out more about the show, please contact our producers via email at Please write us a brief description of your situation and include a phone number where you can be reached so we can speak in confidence. The show is currently in the early stages of production, so the exact content of the show is subject to change..."