Saturday, October 10, 2009

SPCA tracks cat hoarder to Gabriola

More cats rescued from Nanaimo-area animal hoarder

Special constables were called to Gabriola Island last week to rescue 23 neglected cats and kittens. In August, SPCA constables removed nearly 100 cats from a house the same woman was renting in Cedar.

In both cases, the property owners invited SPCA officials to the property to remove the animals.

Volunteers with the Gabriola Cats Alive rescue group helped the SPCA catch and cage the animals in the most recent incident..." More

SPCA tracks cat hoarder to Gabriola

After losing up to 100 sick and neglected animals in August, woman is found with pack of animals in filthy bus

Oct 7, 2009: Danielle Bell

Less than two months after she was evicted and threatened with charges for keeping nearly 100 cats in filthy conditions, a Cedar woman has been caught again with a large number of animals at a Gabriola Island property.

Twenty-three cats and kittens are being cared for at the Nanaimo SPCA after officials were called again to rescue neglected animals from the compulsive hoarder, who has since been evicted from the renovated bus trailer where she was living.

The latest animal rescue is putting increased pressure on the Nanaimo shelter, which is dealing with about 50% more cats in 2009 compared to an average year. It also illustrates the difficulty authorities have dealing with compulsive animal hoarders.

On Thursday, B.C. SPCA officials and volunteers with Gabriola Cats Alive spent five hours removing the fearful, flea-infested cats who rescuers said were malnourished and suffering from infections. The cats had crawled into vents and walls inside the garbage-strewn bus, where the smell of feces and urine was overwhelming. The only food provided for them was lettuce left in a rusty pan.

The owner of the property where the unidentified woman was staying called the SPCA when he discovered the situation with the cats.

Cats Alive spokeswoman Jean Wyenberg said Tuesday that the volunteer rescue group was aware the woman had moved to the Island and were monitoring her movements.

"It's pretty horrible. They were little animals that were absolutely terrified," said Wyenberg, who helped remove some cats. "It's just very hard and traumatic all around."

SPCA officials believe at least some of the animals may have come from the Cedar property the woman occupied until August. Ninety-four cats and kittens were removed from a rented home on Lofthouse Road. The cleanup costs are $50,000..." More