Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday dog abandon woman jailed

A dog breeder who abandoned 99 St Bernards to go on holiday has been jailed for 18 weeks for animal cruelty.
Wellingborough magistrates heard 16 dogs have died or been put down since they were found at Wardana Kennels, Brigstock, Northants, last November.

The dogs were found covered in faeces and urine and without food or water.

Mary Collis, 51, admitted seven counts of causing unnecessary suffering to 85 dogs and failing to meet the needs of 14 dogs at an earlier hearing.

The RSPCA was contacted by concerned members of the public after Collis had gone away to Tenerife with her partner.

'Suffering depression'
Inspectors found the St Bernards in poor health, many with matted fur and eye problems.
Collis, a trained veterinary nurse, originally denied the charges but later changed her plea.
Collis, now of Denby Lane, Wakefield, was also banned from keeping any animals for 10 years..." More & video

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