Monday, October 12, 2009

Humane Officers: Neglected Animals Removed From Beaver Co. FarmINDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Animals, including horses and dogs, were removed

Animals, including horses and dogs, were removed from a Beaver County farm on Monday amid accusations of abuse and neglect.

Neighbors of the farm on Cowpath Road in Independence Township asked authorities to investigate the condition of three horses and a colt held in a muddy, circular pen.

“They were getting loose very frequently to get in the neighbor’s yard to get grass because they were hungry in there,” said concerned neighbor Julie Froats.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals seized the horses and took them to a rescue farm to be held during the investigation.

“They need food and water and care and out of the mud because they can get thrush, which is a hoof disease,” said a PSPCA official.

PSPCA officers also found seven thin dogs and some cats, three of which were dead and removed from the home in plastic bags.

Concerned neighbors said the action was warranted and should have happened sooner.

“I’m not convinced this is the end of it. It’s been way too long to happen,” said a neighbor. “I’m angry in one sense. It’s been allowed to get this far before anyone took action.”..." More