Friday, October 16, 2009

NEW BOOK: To the Rescue - Found Dogs with a Mission

TO THE RESCUE: Found Dogs with a Mission (Skyhorse Press: November 2009; Hardcover) with Foreword by Bonnie Hunt, is the latest book from animal adoption activist Elise Lufkin, the author of Found Dogs: Tales of Strays Who Landed on Their Feet (1997) and Second Chances (2003). In these touching stories, illustrated with poignant photographs by Diana Walker, people give their rescued dogs much more than just a good home– they train them to be certified service animals – whose missions include visiting hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes, guiding the blind and deaf, and detecting narcotics, bombs and even bed bugs. In a world where cruelty and neglect impact the lives of children, adults, and animals alike, it’s truly inspiring to read about these dogs who bring comfort, assistance and happiness to others in need.
Photo essay in Time Magazine