Monday, May 16, 2011

National Geographic series features Flagler pig sanctuary

Lory Yazurlo is surrounded by some of her pigs at the Pig Tales Sanctuary in Flagler County.


Lory Yazurlo has always had a kinship with animals, especially pigs.

But her passion to care for them at Pig Tales Sanctuary in western Flagler County -- and the uninvited wild hogs that eventually rooted onto her property -- may have led to their ultimate demise.

Nov. 15 was an especially bad day for the physically disabled Yazurlo and the pigs under her care. That's the day workers for the U.S. Department of Agriculture corralled all of the 389 pigs at Pig Tales, herded them onto semi-tractor trailers, and gassed them as they were being transported to Starke for disposal.

Despite claims by Yazurlo and her family that she isn't an animal hoarder, Lory Yazurlo will be prominently featured in a National Geographic special about human obsessions called "Taboo: Hoarders." A segment featuring Lory Yazurlo and the private animal sanctuary she operated for 15 years ..." More

Lory Yazurlo comes to tears at the thought of losing her sanctuary and the pigs that have been so much a part of her life the past fourteen years in Flagler County.

Photos: Beyond Productions/Simon Heath


Anonymous said...

Animal control decided to gas all the pigs on her property without knowing which ones carried the bacteria. I found it too extreme. I know it would have cost a lot of money to test each pig. If they were dogs would they have done the same?

Lisa said...

I feel like the episode displayed my aunt in a negative way. Portrayed her as an animal killer, when shes anything but. Shes always loved and cared for the pigs along with other animals for as long as i can think of. I always loved coming to visit my family here in Florida (because i live in VA), i had a chance to see my aunt and her pig farm. I would tell my friends stories. Shes an amazing woman, who cares for animals, shes not a killer. She was saving those animals.

What if you had to choose between cutting off the life support to a person who is in a coma? Would you kill them because you believe they would never wake up? Or do you wait and let them die if they want to or not, if the body cant take it any longer. Just because the pigs had a disease, is because you gas them? Instead of letting them die on their own? The way God intended for them to die.

That is the way i portrayed things. I was upset. Every time i see this movie, it sickens me.
I love my aunt. She will overcome all obstacles, like my family and her as well has already done.

Anonymous said...

Well, you see her home, it was condemned because it carried risk to her health. Of course, you have to put the human's health than those of pigs.

Anonymous said...

Well, you see her house. It was condemned because it was too unhealthy to live there. Of course, they have to put the health of HUMAN first than that of pigs. said...

Lory is my aunt.
I have been to the pig sanctuary since i was little. I was there when she was letting the pigs roam in her house. She didnt live there to begin with due it not being suitable for a person in a wheel chair. My aunt has always put the pigs before herself. She has always been loving to all living creatures. Considering i live in the metropolitan area, (near Washington, DC) I might just go try and take this far. Because what the state of FL did, was heartless. My aunt will have pigs one day, when its time. She will always save an animal.

Anonymous said...

Pigs roaming in the house?
That's completely sick... I would have understood (partially) something like this in a thirld world country but not from a U.S. woman.