Thursday, May 5, 2011

25 Dogs Removed from 2 Homes in Detroit


DETROIT (WJBK) - Dozens of dogs were stuffed in kennels and locked in rooms at two homes on Ewers on Detroit's southwest side. Rescue organizations took 25 dogs, most of them pit bulls, out of the houses Wednesday night.

"You could smell the urine and the feces," said Hush with Detroit Dog Rescue.

"I've been in to a couple hoarding houses with dogs before, and I've never witnessed anything like this," said Angie Potter with Waggs and Wishes.

"That was not livable at all. I mean, the conditions were so bad," Hush said. "It was like a maze walking through there.".." More


Anonymous said...

It has come to surface that this woman was NOT a hoarder. She was a foster for local rescues and took these dogs off of the streets, spayed/neutered, socialized, and actually took AMAZING care of these animals. The dogs were in crates because she was not home, the house was extremely clean, yet her windows were smashed in and her door knocked down WITHOUT A WARRANT. Please check your facts before posting stories such as these.

Anonymous said...

this is a lie,this woman took good care of these dogs...she found and people gave her...she had food(she bought) that you took,even the cages she bought you people took,she did not have any in the house next door,if she knew there was a dog in there she would have taken it in her home.All these dogs were well fed even given medical care when needed...I want to know WHY you people are still harassing her...SHAME ON YOU...don't you have better things to do then pick on this woman