Tuesday, May 3, 2011

11 Dogs Taken In Animal Hoarding Case

The AOSPCA is seeking homes for several dogs taken from a home in Harrison County back in February.

Robin McClelland with the AOSPCA said the woman had a total of 16 dogs and became overwhelmed trying to care for them.

The AOSPCA took 11 of the dogs to a boarding house in Dover, Ohio.

All of the dogs suffered from parasites and worms, some were emaciated and one dog had two broken bones, according to McClelland.

The woman is not facing charges because officials said she voluntarily surrendered the animals.

The other dogs were left in the owner's care. McClelland said she is under strict guidelines for how to care for them.

The AOSPCA is seeking financial help and looking for people who would like to adopt the dogs.

AOSPCA officials said their bill from the vets office for the dogs is around $6,000..." More & video

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