Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids of hoarding parents want to break free of clutter, emotional chaos

By Sara Israelsen-Hartley

There's nothing unusual about a mother or father who collects stamps, baseball cards or porcelain dolls. But when hobbyists become hoarders, their children often end up with life-long emotional effects.

A recent New York Times article points out that even though the compulsive collecting, shopping and storing is much more well known now because of reality shows like, TLC's"Hoarding: Buried Alive," and A&E's "Hoarders," "scant attention has been paid to how hoarding affects families of the afflicted, especially their children. Most are left to their own devices to make sense of growing up in homes where friends and relatives are unable to visit, with parents who seem to value inanimate objects more than the animate ones navigating the goat paths through the clutter," writes Steven Kurutz of the Times..." More

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