Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoarding’s Darkest Side

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Most people have some clutter around the house, but at what point does it become a hazard?

We’ve all had times where we can’t see the kitchen table because of clutter, but we clean it off and throw away what isn’t necessary.

For some, they can’t throw anything away and become hoarders.

On March 9, a cold rain only added to the depressing scene inside 113 Elmont Street in Crafton Heights. It was a fire fueled by waist-high trash.

It’s likely that 77-year-old John Rabusseau’s obsession with storing stuff away cost him his life. The body of the retired salesman was found just behind a front door blocked by junk.

For 20 years, no one was invited to Stan Engelman’s Morningside home – including family.

Patti Engelman, Stan’s wife of more than 25 years, became unable to part with anything..." More

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