Thursday, December 30, 2010

Virginia Woman Accused of Keeping 21 Dogs in Home


MANASSAS, Va. - The conditions were so bad, officials have deemed the house unfit for humans and animals. A Manassas woman is accused of keeping 21 dogs in unlivable conditions inside her townhouse on Natural Bridge Court in Manassas, Va.

Manassas City Police investigated this as a case of animal cruelty, but neighbors seem to think the dog owner was simply a lonely and misguided animal lover.

She was busy taking her belongings out of the house as it has been deemed unfit for human habitation. Stickers and signs outside the house make it clear she is a dog lover and at least one neighbor said she claimed to be running a rescue organization.

“We knew she was a dog rescuer and she took sick dogs that were in danger of dying,” said the neighbor.

But according to authorities, conditions inside the home were also putting the dogs in danger. Animal feces, acrid ammonia and trash debris covered the inside, according to law enforcement. The dogs were of small breeds such as poodles, Papillion, and Maltese..." More & video

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