Friday, December 10, 2010

Ohio Does Not Have Hoarding Specific Laws


Another case of animal hoarding coming to light near Ashland, Ohio. According to the Mansfield Journal, Ashland Veterinarian Fred Gingrich called a house on Township Road, "the worst scene I have ever seen. "You couldn't see the floor. excrement was at least six inches deep," he said. "trash was everywhere. There was a dead kitten on top of the microwave."

Over the past few years-- hoarding has gained national attention. Here in Central Ohio, there have been numerous busts.

"There are a couple of things to note about hoarding, one, this is a mental illness," said Rachel D.K. Finney, Interm Executive Director for Capital Area Humane Society.

Hoarders may start out with just a few animals and the best of intentions, but quickly become overwhelmed.

"In theses situations, it not just the animals that need help, the individual needs help too," said Finney.

There are not any laws specific to hoarding according to Finney but, "there are cruelty laws which mean animals must have access to food, water, shelter and to vet care. "Taking the animals from the home will not resolve the situation, because if the need for mental illness is not addressed, those individuals will begin to hoard again, often within a few days," said Finney..." More & video

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