Friday, December 10, 2010

Horses seized from equine rescuer


Butte County Animal Control recently seized 15 horses from an equine rescue organization south of Palermo, alleging the animals were emaciated and needed medical care.

The horses were removed Dec. 2 and 3 from a small ranch on Melody Lane where Christina Villalobos took in horses and formed a nonprofit organization called All About the Animals Equine Rescue.

A hearing about the county seizure was scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Animal Control office in Oroville. Villalobos said she hoped to get the horses back and find out how the animals were.

She said the hearing was postponed to Dec. 21 by her attorney and she learned one of the horses "has been killed."

Butte County Public Health Director Phyllis Murdock confirmed the seizure Tuesday in a phone interview, and said Animal Control has been dealing with Villalobos for "at least a year."..." More

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