Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Arrested again, Holiday Christie says animals are her 'babies'

Written by
Nick McGurk

Holiday Christie, a woman accused of animal cruelty who had jumped bond last week, showed up in Fort Collins Tuesday to get her animals back - but was arrested instead.
Christie is facing 19 animal abuse charges after deputies found more than 20 animals in her U-Haul trailer in sweltering heat roughly two weeks ago.
Originally, Christie bonded out and wasn't supposed to leave the state. She then jumped bond for Texas.
Christie was talking to 9NEWS' partners at the Fort Collins Coloradoan on Tuesday, when she explained how much she loved the animals. She said she went to Texas to get them better transportation.
That explanation didn't prevent the second arrest..."  More & video


Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every story....this is the other side. 56 year old SINGLE, CHILDLESS woman (with no living relatives) leaves for Texas to improve the conditions of her "family of pets" (who are loved like her children would be). She stops to water and cool down her pets and one escapes the trailer and is killed by a passing car. The police show up and (as they know best) arrest Ms.Christie jeopardizing her purchase of her home in Texas and removing her "family" from her without even a goodbye. As a result of this terrible incident 2 animals have been killed (cause they didn't look good enough) and Ms. Christie is now financially ruined miles away from her loved ones and has no reason to live. Truly everybody and every animal involved in this incident would be better off if Ms.Christie had not been treated cruelly.- Friend of Holly who has seen the lawsuit that she has put together (with sworn testimonials) against the Animal Services folks in Ft. Collins.

Anonymous said...

I really think that until you have met and talked with Ms. Christie you should remove this article as it is very misleading, one sided, and smells like something placed here simply for the sensational aspect of it. She is very intelligent, emotionally normal, and is hardly a hoarder. Simply someone who loves animals and supplemented her income with beading fees. BTW if you click on the "more" option at the end of the article you go to a blank page. - the one who wrote the previous comment.

Anonymous said...

If you are really interested in the true story you should talk with Ms. Christie who is as a result of this travesty in terrible health and financial straits. She is anxious to tell her story in full to the national media and if you are interested in speaking to her you may contact her by posting a request on this website in the next couple days and I will put her in touch with you.