Monday, August 1, 2011

Trailer Housed 52 Cats Covered In Filth

A neighborhood stench led city authorities to 52 cats covered in feces and filth in what they called a serious hoarding case.

Once covered in filth and clinging to life, only a handful of the 52 cats are alive after a search of a northwest Albuquerque mobile home.

Neighbors said the manager of the park smelled the problem when he started cleaning up the place next door that’s up for sale.

“It was awful. The smell was really horrid,” neighbor Alvina Mora said.

Authorities met with the owner of the mobile home on Saturday and realized she’d been living in a filth pile more than three feet high.

“Meantime, cats were multiplying, dying and feeding on each other. And it snowballed into something that was absolutely unmanageable,” city spokesman Chris Ramirez said..." More& video

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