Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Extreme Animal Hoarding In Newaygo County

A gruesome discovery in Newaygo County; dozens of animals, living in filthy conditions. Rescuers say it's one of the most extreme cases of animal hoarding they've ever seen.

Animal Control officials believe Candace Shepard-Younce, 69, kept nearly 85 animals (81 dogs, and 4 cats) locked in her home near the corner of 104th Street and Elm Avenue in Howard City.

“We’ve been working with (Shepard-Younce) for a year now,” says Animal Control Officer, Arlene Sterling. “We tried to work with her, and had no option but to get a warrant but to seize the animals.”

Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department recently arrested Shepard-Younce and charged her with 10 or more counts of felony animal abandonment or cruelty. She's since posted bail and is awaiting trial.

“Neglect is abuse," explains Cheryl McCloud, who founded Lake Haven Rescue. “It was pretty nasty. The animals were sick and dying the conditions were filthy, to put it mildly."..." More & video

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