Friday, August 5, 2011


CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE -- It's a heartbreaking case out of Cape May County, where the lives of dozens of dogs at an animal shelter are now in jeopardy as the result of a months-long animal hoarding case. Officials at the shelter and with the SPCA say the situation is critical, and cannot be avoided any longer.

It's a nearly nine-month-old case that comes with a hefty price tag. Almost 60 dogs seized from a Middle Township home back in December are now jeopardizing the lives of other shelter dogs.

"Everyday the dogs here at the shelter are in danger," said Judy Davies-Donhour, who works at the Cape May County animal shelter. "Tomorrow we could get dogs in, we need to make space. We need to euthanize to accommodate them."

It's something Davies-Dunhour can barely fathom and something she's trying to prevent, after the disturbing discovery back in December landed 13 dogs in the shelter, eight of which still remain. "We cannot put them up for adoption because technically they still belong to the defendant. It's extremely frustrating because they are high adoptable animals and we have people come in everyday looking for small dogs and pure bred dogs and that's what these are," she added.

They are now healthy dogs essentially brought back to life after they were seized from the Scheld family home. Each one was treated for parasites and worms after living in the unsanitary conditions, but the treatment and care has been costly. The eight dogs have a running tab of up to $25,000 at this shelter alone. Officials with the SPCA tell NBC 40 that the cost of of them, in addition to the other dogs, which have been scattered to shelters across the state, could total to $100,000..."

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