Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chicken farmer faces new charges, this time in Connecticut

By Emily Groves

Officials from Connecticut and Massachusetts painted a picture of abysmal conditions the animals suffered under the care of Tang Quan "Jason" Lin, formerly of Milford.

"Size-wise, just the scale of this neglect is something I haven't seen in my 25 years in this department," said Wayne Kasacek, assistant director of the state Department of Agriculture's bureau of regulation and inspection.

Kasacek said he was tired and sore yesterday after spending more than seven hours at Lin's chicken operation, the culmination of a four-month state investigation. Late Thursday night, inspectors, many wearing protective clothing, found numerous dead animals, filth and the appearance that none of the thousands of birds on the facility's ground floor had been fed or given water in days.

The stress from the lack of food and water and the filth, combined with avian disease, made euthanasia the "most humane" option, Kasacek said. He said all of the chickens and two ducks had to be destroyed..." More

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