Tuesday, January 18, 2011

24 dogs seized and house condemned in Fayetteville


FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayetteville couple's home was condemned and 24 dogs were seized Friday after a humane officer with a search warrant allegedly found unsanitary conditions inside.

They maintain the condemnation is the result of an ongoing dispute with several of their neighbors.

Franklin County Humane Police Officer Floyd "Buck" Hessler confirmed that he seized animals from the home of David and Peri Flory at 617 Brookens Road in Greene Township.

Hessler arrived at the house about 1 p.m. Friday, but no one was home so he "forced entry" to get inside, which is allowed under law with a search warrant. Once inside, Hessler said he determined "it was so bad" that he needed to contact the Greene Township supervisors.

"It was a mess," he said.

Hessler declined to discuss specifics about the conditions inside the house, pending charges that he intends to file sometime next week. He said he took more than 400 photos for evidence.." More

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