Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Andrea Acomb - Riga, NY

Jan 25, 2011: Not Guilty Plea in Animal Hoarding Case

by: Sean Carroll

Andrea Acomb, 62, had no comment after pleading not guilty at her arraignment in Riga Town Court on Tuesday. Acomb is charged with five counts of Animal Cruelty, a misdemeanor, and for allegedly housing more than 150 animals on her property and keeping them in poor living conditions.

In December Humane Society investigators claim they found cats, dogs, chickens, horses, and a goat at Acomb's Riga home. They claimed many lived in their own waste, were malnourished, and lacked access to fresh water. Investigators further stated that in 2006 they also removed certain animals from Acomb’s home. The home has since been condemned by local officials.

"There are repeat visits,” Humane Society Investigator Reno DiDomenico said of previous investigations involving Acomb. “She has had prior contacts with us but not to this extent.".." More & video

Dec 28, 2010: Over 150 Animals Rescued from "Uninhabitable" Home

About 150 animals were taken from a Riga home police are calling "uninhabitable."

Monroe County Sheriffs say they went to the home Saturday after Lollypop Farm received an anonymous tip about suspected animal cruelty.

Police say many dead animals were found at the home, and others that were neglected. They have not released the name of the homeowner, nor have they said whether that person will face charges.

All of the rescued animals, including cats, dogs, ducks and horses, are being cared for and evaluated at Lollypop Farm where managers say the animals could not have survived in the environment they were in.." More & video

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