Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animal-welfare bill headed for further study

By Olmpia Meqla

A Richmond-ara delegate wants to set aside for further study his proposed changes to animal-welfare laws, a bill that had drawn fierce opposition from animal advocates. Del. R. Lee Ware., R-Powhatan, introduced the measure. In part, it would allow pet-store owners and dealers suspected of giving inadequate care to animals to self-impound the animal with supervisied care if it's not immediate danger.

The animal would be subject to seizure if it's under a "direct and immedite threat" or "the owner or cutodian is unable to or does not provide adequtate impoudment."

The measure would also scrap a penalty for people who have been convicted of animal cruelty and who then sell companion animals again.

Robin Starr, CEO of the Richmond SPCA, rallied opposition to the bill.

"This is the most cold-hearted assault on the well-being of animals, on abused animals and on the laws that exist in Virginia to protect and care for them, that has ever been seen," she said in an e-mail to supporters..." More

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