Friday, February 19, 2010

Rescue Hoarding & an Interview with Celeste Killeen, co-author of "Inside Animal Hoarding"

By Jen Blood


In February of 2009, police stormed a former elementary school in Columbia, Kentucky, as a result of complaints from neighbors. They found 362 live animals - dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, pigs, and a donkey - and several dead. The man who lived there ran an organization called Clean Slate Animal Rescue, and he insisted that the animals were well cared for and he was doing what he could to save them from certain death at the hands of what are known as high-kill (high rates of euthanasia) shelters in the area.

I was co-founder of Clean Slate Animal Rescue, working with this man - Dave - on his farm in Estacada, Oregon. The first time I visited his house, there were stacks of filthy crates out front and piles of soiled dog and cat blankets covering every available surface out back. A mound of fresh dog feces was on the floor in the entryway; the two pieces of furniture he had - matching lounge chairs - were torn to pieces. Dave and I talked. His rescue partner had bailed on him; he was in over his head. He was intelligent, well-spoken, attractive. Funny and passionate, warm and engaging..." More

Celeste Killeen, co-author of Inside Animal Hoarding: The Case of Barbara Erickson and Her 552 Dogs.

"...Celeste Killeen, co-author of Inside Animal Hoarding: The Case of Barbara Erickson and Her 552 Dogs. In the book, Killeen provides an unprecedented look inside the mind of an animal hoarder, by establishing a dialogue with Erickson through a series of interviews over several months. Killeen took time out of her schedule to speak with me about her insights regarding Barbara Erickson, her own views on animal hoarding, and how writing the book has affected her own perspective on pets and people. Following is the complete transcript of my interview...." More