Sunday, February 14, 2010

How the clutter bug took over our homes - research shows our rising hoarding instinct


If you've been convinced we live in a throwaway society - think again.

Research has found that a rising hoarding instinct among Britons means our homes are now packed to the rafters with clutter.

Almost half the typical house is filled with items such as old electrical devices and toys that we simply refuse to get rid of, according to a study.

The amount of rarely used items owned by an average Briton has doubled in the past three decades to fill 3,370 cubic feet.

That mountain of junk takes up an area of a typical home worth more than £70,000.

Researchers claim the consumerism of the early 80s and 90s is the reason behind the rise.

'There is so much clutter in the majority of homes that people now find it hard to find things,' their study found.

Britons' possessions are also soaring in value, with the typical property containing more than £2,500 worth of electrical goods compared with £851 in 1979...." More