Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rebecca Johnson-Geier & Michael Geier - Abingdon, Illinois

Last month, as neighbors cleaned up after an early morning thunderstorm, Jennifer Schisler, who lives across the street from the couple, saw Johnson-Geier out in her yard playing with two puppies. Schisler approached her to pet the puppies.

Of the incident, merely strange at the time, but shocking in retrospect, Schisler said: “I asked her where she got the animals, and she (Johnson-Geier) said, ‘I’m rescuing them.’”

If Johnson-Geier or Geier ever did in fact rescue any animals, it appears to have been in spite of the many other animals that suffered at the couple’s hands. Over the last week, police, firefighters and animal control officials have removed more than 15 dead and dying animals from the family’s home at 606 W. Monmouth St.

Outside the Knox County Courthouse on Thursday, Johnson-Geier herself declined comment on her home’s condition and the dead animals.

Whatever happened in Abingdon, an individual believing she was doing good for animals in spite of obvious harm, as preliminary reports hint may have been the case there, is not so unusual as one would hope in the world of animal lovers, according to local and national animal welfare experts..." More

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