Thursday, February 11, 2010

Willard and Pat D'Spain - Bandera, Texas

Sixty-one animals were seized from Bandera County residents Willard and Pat D'Spain last week, on the grounds of poor living conditions.

After receiving numerous complaints that the D'Spain's dogs were roaming at large in the highway and neighbor's yards, Bandera County Animal Control Liaison Jennifer Gaertner went to the D'Spain home on FM 470 toward Tarpley to suggest she repair her fence line.

"While we were there, we noticed the living conditions," Gaertner said.

Gaertner immediately secured a seizure warrant from Justice of the Peace Lynn Holt on Jan. 27 and returned to the D'Spain residence with Bandera County Deputy Rick Neely and a Comfort veterinarian. According to reports, the living conditions outside and inside of the home were squalid.

Medina County and the City of Hondo Animal Control Units assisted in transporting the animals - 48 dogs and 13 cats - to the Bandera County Animal Control Center. Euthanasia has been recommended for some of the animals; Gaertner said others that appear to be healthy have underlying medical issues..." More