Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Child and animals removed from Tampa home

Feb 11, 2010: Most cats seized Wednesday will be put down


The prognosis is not good for most of the cats seized from a Hillsborough County home Wednesday, according to Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Investigators removed 24 cats, two dogs and a bird from a residence at 7608 N. Huntley Ave. in Tampa. State child welfare investigators also took a 9-year-old child into custody.

Ibbie Aldape, 50, faces one child neglect charge and 35 counts of animal cruelty and improper treatment of animals. She appeared before a Hillsborough County judge Thursday morning. Bond was set at $40,000.

Photos taken by animal services employees reveal dismal conditions inside the home including feces on the floor, urine in a dustpan and mountains of clothing and clutter.

"It's a very sad situation," said Pam Perry, investigator for Hillsborough County Animal Services. "We have little kittens less than two weeks old. Their eyes are shut, and their body systems are shutting down from upper respiratory infection."

Perry pulled one cat from a cage. As the cat apparently howled in discomfort, Perry pointed out its cloudy blue eyes, explaining the animal is blind from neglect. She held another white cat, so covered in urine that its coat had turned yellow.

"It's criminal," Perry said, adding that only a handful of the 24 cats are expected to survive...." More & video

Feb 10, 2010: Child and animals removed from Tampa home

Hillsborough Animal Services took numerous sick animals from a Tampa home today.

Officials say they seized 23 cats, two dogs and a bird from the home at 7608 Huntley Avenue. Many of the animals are reportedly in bad shape.

Investigators say the woman who owns the animals, Ibbie Aldape, 50, has a history of mistreating and neglecting pets. They say in 1999, a Hillsborough County judge ordered her to never again own animals as long as she lived in Hillsborough County.

The Department of Children and Families also removed an 8-year-old boy from the home, which police said was in squalid condition.

Litter boxes overflowed with feces, the house had a stench of cat urine that made breathing difficult, it was "littered with trash and bugs were crawling throughout every corner," police said.

Tampa Police said Aldape was charged with 25 counts of improper confinement of an animal, 10 counts of cruelty to animals and one count of child neglect..." Link