Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Search Warrant Reveals Hoarding

Channel 6 News has obtained a search warrant application that paints an awful picture of what could be found inside a home -- hoarding, frozen animals, urine-soaked carpets. While the living conditions were poor, according to the Humane Society, the homeowner proved he deserved to be a pet owner.
Meet Oliver and Maggie. They are two Pekingese dogs seized from a northwest Omaha home last week. They're in good shape.
The Nebraska Humane Society took them because there were eight in the home. And the law allows for a homeowner to have a maximum of three.
"This individual loved the dogs," said Mark Langan with the Humane Society. "They were very well taken care of and we were surprised. Very well groomed. Well fed and well watered. The problem was the living conditions. The high ammonia smell and the urine soaked carpet. That's why we confiscated the dogs."
The man ticketed for animal cruelty is 73.
He didn't want to go on camera -- but told Channel 6 News he had since cleaned up the place at 127th Avenue and Laurel.
Investigators were satisfied since he got some of the dogs back.
In fact -- the three original Pekingese ran to the door when we stopped by.
Investigators also confirmed the search warrant complaint about dogs that were frozen in the kitchen freezer.
"Sadly we see in hoarding situations like this -- when one of the animals dies -- they will freeze it because they can't part with that animal," said Langan. "There's no indication this animal had been abused - he died of old age. He didn't want to part with it so he wrapped it up very nicely and put it in the freezer. And that's not uncommon in hoarding situations."..."  More

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