Monday, October 22, 2012

Aurora Man Hoarded Hundreds Of Birds

By Amy Cavanaugh 

We've heard about plenty of cases of cat and dog hoarding, but the latest animal hoarding story makes us even more squeamish—an Aurora man's home has been condemned after it was found with hundreds of birds.
A paint contractor spotted the birds on Wednesday and called the authorities, who searched the home on Friday. Some of the birds were dead and there's a ton of trash everywhere. Rescuing the birds is on hold because no one is allowed into the house until the results of an air quality test come in on Monday. Most of the birds are not in cages and according to ABC 7, you can see the birds "fluttering in the window." The man is 57 and cooperating with authorities, so we hope this case is resolved quickly—there's a reason The Birds is our least favorite Hitchcock movie..."  Link

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