Thursday, October 18, 2012

KC Motel Investigation: Feces, Fleas and Drugs

Police arrested six people Wednesday morning when they were called out to 43rd and North Prospect in Kansas City, Mo., to investigate illegal drug use and animal hoarding at a motel.
Police say they have received about one hundred complaints this year alone about activity at the Extended Stay Inn, according to Police Sergeant Marissa Barnes with the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department.
When they arrived at the motel on Wednesday, they found dozens of cats and dogs and say many of the rooms are uninhabitable with animal feces, fleas, mold, and drugs.
“Definitely some fire safety issues. I mean this whole back side. Most of it’s boarded up. We’re having problems with people coming in here and squatting or coming in here and taking copper and stuff. It’s just an ongoing problem. It’s a den for crime right now,” said Sgt. Daniel Graves.
Wednesday afternoon, authorities were still waiting for the owner of the motel to arrive before they determined if they will shut down the motel. If they do condemn it, as many as 50 people living there will be forced out.
“After bouncing around from shelter to shelter, we found this place. And we talked to the people at first. And we wanted to know, is this safe? Because I have a daughter,” said one resident named Ashley Watson as she began to cry. “And they all told us it was safe. They told us it was a nice place. And they lied. They lied so much.”
Ashley lives with her family at the motel after they lost their other home. She has a 14-month-old daughter..."  More

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