Tuesday, October 2, 2012

60 Animals Seized In Orient Surrendered To Humane Society


Sixty animals that were seized Tuesday from an Orient home and out-buildings were surrendered by their owner to the Capital Area Humane Society.
Michelle Horn appeared in the Franklin County Environmental Court for a probation revocation hearing and a new case of animal abuse involving four dogs. 
She told Judge Harland Hale that her attorney was on maternity leave and she was appearing without an attorney. Hale continued the arraignment on the new charges to November 6 and the probation revocation hearing until December 7.
At the hearing, Horn told the court she was voluntarily surrendering the animals to the humane society. But she claimed the animals were not hers.
"The iguanas, the snake and the reptiles are my son's. They are not mine," Horn said.
The assistant city prosecutor said that does not matter.
"Her son lives with her, the probation says she is not allowed to have those types of animals in her home," Assistant City Prosecutor Shawnda Martin said.
The animals seized Tuesday include and underweight Mastiff mix breed, a pit bull exhibiting hair loss, two Chihuahuas, two Geckos, frogs, a ball python, an iguana, one rooster, four chickens, a ferret and mice and crickets.
"In that type of hoarding situation, it is not uncommon to deal with those types and numbers of animals," said Kerry Manion, chief agent for the Capital Area Humane Society..."  More

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