Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why did Houston seize 1000 birds & animals?

Marguerite Matthews

Thursday, July 15th, over 1000 "animals" were taken from the home of a USDA licensed breeder in the Houston area. There are many aspects of the seizure that give pause. The facts of the case need to be clarified. The HSPCA may or may not be right in having had these animals taken.

Around Houston there are numbered precincts each of which employs constables to enforce the law. The seizure was reportedly carried out by constables from a neighboring precinct. The case is reportedly being heard by a judge several precincts away rather than by the local judge who has jurisdiction. Although on the day of the raid media reported no court date was set, the judicial arrangement and the decision to have the action carried out by constables from a different jurisdiction must have been made in advance of the seizure since, by Texas law, a hearing date must be set before a raid.

The HSPCA has a video posted. Watch it, with its superfly music, and tell me what you see that is so horrible. Yes, in my opinion, too many birds, but is not enough reason to raid an individual's home. The birds probably sound distressed because dozens of strangers have come into their home and they are afraid. Meera Nandlal, HSPCA Public Relations, was in charge of the seizure and stated the reason for the seizure as "poor environmental conditions and cruel confinement." ABC News noted some of the birds are "Extremely valuable" and asked when they would be "Up for adoption." If the county wins in court, this raid will bring money into the coffers of the HSPCA...." More

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